And we are the dreamers of dreams...we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems...

Arthur O'Shaugnessy

Let's Start with a Song

I miss seeing all of you at school!

The world seems to be going crazy these days, but I know it won't be this way forever. 

I am finding many new ways to enjoy my time at home.

What are you doing to enjoy your time at home?


Sometimes, though, I do feel stuck. Do you ever feel stuck?

I figured out that when I feel stuck, I need to do something that will get me thinking about something new. So, I close my eyes and choose a song from one of my playlists. Before I know it, my feet are tapping along and my body feels energized! Music helps me feel positive, focused, and calm.

Of course, some songs make me want to dance and sing really loudly...the opposite of calm! 

Have you noticed your own feelings changing because of the music you listen to? 


Below is one of the songs I love humming and dancing to in my kitchen.

Many of the best meals I make are created while I am humming and dancing!

Yes...my kids DO laugh really loudly when they see me dancing around the kitchen.

I am okay with that...having fun is worth it.


Tell me what you do to get yourself unstuck during the day? 

Do you have any other suggestions that I could try when I am stuck?

Please email me and let me know!

I'll be dancing in my kitchen! Where are you going to dance?

Move your feet to Mamba
00:00 / 01:45
Mrs. Kemp

Happy Vaisakhi

The Sounds of Spring

Can you hear the difference between a birdsong and call notes in these sound samples?


Did you know that there are over 5,000 species of birds in the world that sing songs? A bird that can sing is called a "songbird." But, even songbirds don't sing all the time. They also use short sounds to communicate with other birds. These short sounds are "call notes" and are similar to the words we use when we talk to our friends.

I wonder?

I am thinking of the Russian story we acted out in music class,

"Peter and the Wolf"

What sounds do you remember the bird making? Happy sounds? Scared sounds?  Fast sounds? I remember the tricky sounds the bird was making to trick the wolf into being caught!


Can you tell someone in your family

the story of

"Peter and the Wolf"

Can you find something around your house that you can use to  make a sound for one of the animals in the story when you tell it?

I found two spoons that I tapped together to make the duck's sound.  When I tapped the spoons, I said, "QUACK, QUACK"


Watch and listen to our very own Vancouver Symphony tell the story of Peter and the Wolf by clicking on the video below.

If you listen to the first part, you will hear the bird's song introduced by the flute player! 

The coolest thing is watching the musicians play their instruments in this video.

Scroll down to

watch video

Music Map

Get a pencil and a piece of paper ready! Listen to the flute play one of the bird's songs.

Make an X on your paper and draw a line without stopping that looks like what you hear when you listen to the flute play the one of the bird's songs.


Calling all choir members...please email me so that I can email you a link to our choir song. You can have your very own music to practice with at home. Plus...a new song for us to learn!

Secret Song # 1

Can you guess this week's secret song?  Look at the pictues I drew and see if you can use my drawings to figure out the song. If you guess the song, sing it with someone at home! Or, send me an email with your guess and I will email you back.

Secret Song # 1

Picture Clues

Aiken Drum

Get a piece of paper and draw a big circle. Then, think of fruits or vegetables you can use for Aiken Drum's eyes, nose, and mouth! Draw your choices inside your circle. then, show someone at home how silly Aiken Drum is! I would love to see your picture, too!  You can email it to me :)

Happy Vaisakhi

Happy Vaisakhi

Happy Easter


Shake with the EGGS!

April showers bring May flowers

Close your eyes and listen to the rain

Gentle Spring Rain
Listen for the Dohl Drum

Music from SCRATCH

Remember this story? 


What was your favourite part?

My favourite part was the note that the ducks typed Farmer Brown asking him to put a diving board near their pond!


We are going to learn how to make this story musical with the

story program called Scratch! What sound ideas do you have for the typewriter, the cows, the chickens, and the ducks? Do you know any songs about farm animals or have some instrument ideas for this story? Please email me so we can use them!


If you want to make your own stories musical, ASK YOUR PARENTS FOR PERMISSION FIRST...then search for

scratchjr.org or scratch.mit.edu

Both sites are free, tons of fun, and made for kids!

A Note About the Music on this site...

We only share music we have created ourselves and music from creative commons that is meant to be shared with everyone!

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